TV Antenna Installation Kellyville

TV Antenna installation Kellyville – online enquiry.

Last night we have received an online inquiry via our website. Customer moved to an existing house at Kellyville 2155, but they have discovered their TV antenna system doesn’t work properly.

It was a single storey approx. 25 years old house. The antenna system was installed on a 15ft mast and included an old antenna combined with a Mast Head Amplifier or simply Booster. The antenna was facing Artarmon and getting a signal  from the main Sydney transmition towers. Unfortunately the signal was very weak and of poor quality.

This part of Kellyville is well known for bad TV reception as the closest source for the signal up until recently was Sydney transmition towers. This explains why all antennas around here are located on quite tall masts and most of them are combined with an amplifier.
But since late last year a new Kurrajong repeater was installed to improve reception in Western Sydney areas including Kellyville. This became the best option to receive an excellent quality signal here.

Kurrajong tower works on different frequencies and will require a new directional high gain UHF antenna for it. As this house has multiple TV points it was necessary to install a mast head amplifier to strengthen the signal.

We have advised our customer and provided a free quote to replace the existing old antenna with a new model Matchmaster 02MM-DR20 ideal for Kurrajong repeater together with the latest model GME KingRay amplifier which has LTE filtration  system to block interference from future LTE transmissions. The suggested system also includes a new shielded 8 way F-type splitter to ensure proper connection to all 7 existing TV points. The antenna mast required some service as well: anchor points resealed, guy wires re-tensioned. That was offered free of charge as part of the antenna installation.

The customer has accepted the quote on the spot. One hour later we had a good quality signal and enough signal strength to support all 7 points. The problem was fixed.
As usual we provided 5 year warranty and used Australian made equipment which is the best quality on the market.