Need to Install Additional TV Points?

Watch your favourite show wherever you like without cables hanging off the walls!

Whether in the laundry, kitchen or garage – Norwest Antennas’ technicians will relocate your existing TV antenna outlets or install additional TV points in any room of your house. We have installed TV points in locations, where other installers thought was impossible.

Norwest Antennas’ technicians will start by checking the signal directly from your antenna and on the existing TV points, to see how much signal strength or quality is lost.

In a lot of cases, the problem with your TV reception is caused by old cabling throughout the house. If you have replaced your antenna for a new digital model but still not getting a crystal-clear picture – you may need to upgrade your cabling as well.

It goes without saying that only high quality cables and wall plates are used, in all our jobs, to ensure the best possible reception. We will also make sure that all cables are hidden or concealed neatly.

Some TV points are more time consuming and challenging than others. To give you a more accurate quotation we will need to know the following:

  • What type of house do you live in? (One/two storey house, townhouse etc.)
  • What is the structure of the house? (brick veneer, double brick etc.)
  • Do you have a tin or tile roof, including access to the roof?
  • Which wall will the new TV point be installed on? The cavity inside external walls make the installation of a new TV point easier, compared to internal walls.

Once we know the above information about your property, we will be able to give a quote over the phone and send a Norwest Antennas technician to get you connected.

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