Digital TV Antenna Installation – Western Sydney, Norwest, Hills District, Inner West

Norwest Antennas are your experts in new TV antenna installations! Whether it is an already existing building, still at lock up stage, a shared house or a commercial building – we will get you connected!

Having a new digital TV antenna installed on your property requires a lot more than just guess work… Which is why all our technicians are fully trained and have the right tools and quality materials necessary to complete any new digital antenna installation to the highest standards. Our TV antenna technicians have all the tools and stock required, in their vehicle, to get your aerial system fully installed and configured during the same visit.

We install a broad range of digital ready TV antennas to obtain the best signal possible, even for those properties in extremely poor signal areas. Depending on the amount of TV points that you are planning to connect, an amplifier may be required to boost the signal strength. Our experienced technician will advise if you need a booster, once he runs the signal test from your roof.

Usually, new houses are prewired during the construction stage but if any additional cabling is required, our technicians can run them during the antenna installation. Importantly, we always use antenna brackets specifically designed for your roof type to ensure the safest and most reliable way to mount your new TV antenna. Nowadays, digital antennas are more compact, than they used to be, and our technicians always try to install antennas on a short mast, provided the signal is strong enough. To maintain the clean and tidy look of your property, if possible, the antenna will be installed towards the back of your house. Our antenna technician will discuss the options available to obtain the best possible digital reception at your property.

All our antennas are of high quality, digital TV ready and come with up to 5 Years Warranty.

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