Mobile Repeaters

Have you ever run around your house trying to get a better spot for your mobile reception? Or felt like you are missing out on those important phone calls when you step through your door? If you are a business owner relying on your mobile phone for those vital customer calls you will definitely understand how frustrating it can be.

There are a lot of websites out there promoting equipment for a cheap and easy fix. The majority of them don’t work, but that is not your biggest problem – they are also illegal and can’t be operated in Australia. You have to be very careful with those devices as the penalties for installing and using them are quite severe. Poor quality mobile phone repeaters and boosters can cause damaging interference to other radio communications and trigger significant mobile network disruptions.

Please see the ACMA website for more information on the prohibited devices and related fines.

The only solution we found that truly works and can be legally used in Australia is the Cel-Fi Smart Mobile Repeater combined with an outdoor antenna. Cel-Fi is the only consumer mobile phone repeater that has been approved by all mobile carriers in Australia and has to be registered at a particular address prior to installation. It is specifically designed to complement an existing mobile network and does not interfere with its operation. This repeater will boost and then distribute a mobile signal in a defined area, but will also monitor the gain to ensure it is not overpowering or interfering with the external mobile network.

Sometimes your mobile reception can be affected by the building materials your premises are made from – insulation or reinforced concrete walls. While outside the building you can generally get a decent signal. However, quite often it is the location of your house or office that causes the issue. It may be positioned too far from the network base tower or the signal may be obstructed by surrounding buildings or land formations. By installing an external aerial, we can get a clear line of sight to the nearby mobile transmitter and then disburse the signal via a special low-loss cable to the Smart Mobile Repeater fitted inside the premises. Our experienced technicians will select an antenna most suitable for your location and capable of receiving uninterrupted signal from a relevant provider’s tower. They will then install and configure the Smart Mobile Repeater that will amplify and dispense a 3G/4G mobile signal within your home or office. Once the system is in place you can forget about dropped calls and a slow mobile internet for good!

You don’t have to deal with these annoying dropouts any longer. Just call Norwest Antennas and we will take care of the whole process – from selecting the right equipment and registering it with your mobile provider to performing a professional installation and setup. Alternatively, if you have already purchased the mobile repeater system our experienced technicians can install and configure the external antenna and repeater equipment to get the optimum result.

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