Data Points & NBN Connection

Is your WiFi connection letting you down when streaming or watching shows online? Frantically running around the house with your laptop, in the search for a stronger signal? These days are over! Call Norwest Antennas and our technician will run a Network/Data point directly to your device.

Most new homes nowadays come with a fibre optic/NBN internet service hooked up to a modem in a garage. In that case, wireless network does not cover the whole house area. It is very common to have several “blind spots”, especially if the house has more than one level. A wireless connection can never match the speed and stability that a hardwired connection will give you. Connecting your TV or computer to a hardwired network point will ensure that there are no unnecessary losses, resulting in the best possible internet connection.

Did you know that once NBN connection is available in your area you must get connected within 18 months, as phone lines and other services will be disconnected?

If you are unsure about the connection process, our experienced technicians will sort it out! Most houses are capable of receiving greater speeds by optimising their existing setup. The network speed will depend on the distance between your house and the node, as well as the plan you sign up for with your provider. However, your internal cabling may also affect the quality and speed of your internet connection. For instance, if you live in an older house, you may need to replace your internal cabling as well to get the best possible result.

To see if you can switch to the NBN now, go to the NBN website and check your residential or business address.

Installing a new telephone or relocating your modem or fax connection? No problem for us! Whether it is a new telephone point or an existing one needing a cable replacement our installers will get it sorted!

As with all our work – we guarantee high quality materials and a neat finish!

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