Lift Emergency Phone Line

Existing PTSN copper phone lines are being disconnected as the nbn™ is rolled out. This means that Lift Emergency Telephone Lines will no longer work. Our system will keep your Lift Emergency Line active!

As the nbn™ network rolls out, the existing PSTN copper phone lines in most buildings will be disconnected. This will affect the operation of vital services like Lift Emergency Telephone Lines. NBN Co itself warns that the devices connected over the nbn network will not work during a power blackout.

While the disconnection may take 18 months from the time nbn is ‘ready for service’ in your area, you don’t want to wait until your lift emergency service stops operating. There are serious risks to public safety if a lift phone system fails to function in an emergency situation. It is also a legal requirement to ensure all lift telephone lines are operational at all times.

To keep your Lift Emergency Line active, our company offers a simple yet reliable solution – the Emergency Mobile Gateway System (EMGS) that covers all necessary aspects:

The system is designed and manufactured in Australia, making it easier to coordinate in maintenance and warranty related situations.

Contact our experienced team to receive a detailed quotation for the Lift Emergency Phone Gateway installation in your building.